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Future of Work and Learning

Education technology transforms how we learn—and in turn, transforms the skills we bring to the workplace. Here’s a look at how education innovation is reshaping what it means to be a professional in the digital age.

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From Classroom to Cloud: Resources to Facilitate a Smooth Transition Online

Check out this list of resources for tips and tricks on how to facilitate a smooth transition online

Apr 7, 2020·Molly Forman


An Entrepreneur's Data-Driven Experience in the Harvard Business Analytics Program

Hear from a CEO about how he's applying the lessons he learned in the Harvard Business Analytics Program to his peer-to-peer learning platform company.

Apr 6, 2020·Stephen Eichinger


Helpful Health and Wellness Resources from Our University Partners

With the COVID-19 pandemic posing a serious public health risk, people around the world are looking for ways to cope with challenges at work and at home. Check out these helpful resources from our university partners.

Mar 27, 2020·Molly Forman


4 Lessons Learned in Leading Effective Online Classes

Kellie Savard, a course facilitator for the 2U-powered Speech@Emerson program, shares her advice for engaging with online students

Mar 26, 2020·Molly Forman


What You Need to Know About Learning Online—from Students Who’ve Been There

Hear from 2U employees who have experienced a 2U-powered program as they share their tips and tricks for online learning

Mar 25, 2020·Stephen Eichinger


Why We Partnered with Gallup to Study the Online Student Experience

Hear from Chief Strategy & Engagement Officer David Sutphen on why we partnered with Gallup

Mar 24, 2020·David Sutphen


6 Considerations for Universities Quickly Transitioning to Online Education

As universities quickly transition to online education, our SVP of global program strategy offers a few remote learning strategies for them to consider

Mar 23, 2020·Nathan Greeno


12 Pieces of Advice for Faculty Who Have Never Taught Online

Corinne Hyde has been teaching online in a 2U-powered program for more than a decade. Here's her advice for faculty learning to teach online for the first time.

Mar 19, 2020·Molly Forman


3 Essential Steps to Build an Engaging and Effective Virtual Classroom in Zoom

Learn how to build a virtual classroom in Zoom from 2U Chief University Operations Officer Brad Adams

Mar 18, 2020·Brad Adams


4 Unexpected Benefits of Being an Online Instructor

Hear from University of Arizona Boot Camp Instructor Robbie Delfs on the many upsides to teaching online.

Mar 17, 2020·Robert Delfs

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